Thursday, 21 January 2016

First post, creating this page...

Hey! I am Harunis, and i am working on this page about Tharvia. 

It is my first time, doing blog on, so sorry for issues with design, untill i end with building this page.

Comic started here.
Tharvia is fantasy world, i am working on. I am Harunis, and i can tell you, that this is based on my very long time planned little projects, and i am merging everything to one big world, so there is definitelly many things you can look forward to, if you like fantasy and art. It is world, full of original fantastic entities, places and stuff. (i don't want to spoil it for now) It will be interactive, multimedial, big project, dedicated to original characters, types of world, nations, e.t.c. 

Main stone of this project is comic Steambang, Videos, and characters. There will be also minicomicses, artworks about this world, maybe sculptures (who knows), some animations, i am concidering even 2D game! You can see most of it online, and most of it for free and/or for your support. 

Hope you will like it!  

For now, you can see my all stuff on :)

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